3 Steps to Prepare for a Concrete Splash Pad Installation


Whether you are a daycare business owner or simply a parent looking to give your kids something fun to occupy their time in the summertime, a concrete splash pad can be an excellent addition to your property. These concreted areas are outfitted with spray nozzles, wading areas, and everything in between to ensure anyone who steps on will have a splashing good time. While the installation of a concrete splash pad is a fairly straightforward process, there are a few things you can do to get prepared to help the project go smoothly.

3 May 2017

Three Important Reasons To Hire A Demolition Conctractor


Many people think that there is not much to demolition work. You just swing a sledge hammer, break down walls, and just go on a torrent through the home. The simple fact of the matter is that is not true. Demolition work actually takes a lot of time and work; however, it also requires a lot of finesse and knowledge to perform properly. You do not want to have to worry that you are doing it properly, so here are a few reasons that you should have a demolition contractor come in and perform your demolition.

26 April 2017

Plumbing Jobs And Rising Storms: Unique Concrete Sidewalk Replacement Solutins Cut Down On Hazards


Plumbing work does not only take place inside the home. After all, the various water and drain lines need to run from the street and into the home. These pipes and lines are located safely underground. Well, they remain safe until age or another problem damages the plumbing. Replacing the plumbing often requires shattering the concrete in order to dig up the pipes. Once the plumbing work has been completed, a sidewalk and/or driveway needs to be repaired.

19 April 2017

Fixing Concrete Slabs


It can be frustrating to find that your concrete is starting to fall apart. There are many different reasons for your concrete to start to fall apart. It may be that the contractor that laid the concrete did not do it properly, and the concrete did not set up properly. It could be that the freeze and thaw weather cycle has caused cracks in the cement. No matter what has caused your concrete to start to crack and erode, you need to do something about it.

11 April 2017

How A Contractor Installs A New Concrete Driveway And Why It's Best Left To Pros


Installing a concrete driveway is more difficult than it looks. While you might be able to mix your own cement and make a DIY sidewalk or walkway on your property, a driveway is a different matter since it must be able to bear the weight of heavy vehicles. Two important aspects come into play. One is the base under the concrete and the other is the cement mixture itself. Here is some more information about how a concrete driveway is installed.

6 April 2017

Four Things To Consider For Basement Construction


If you are considering basement construction for your home, you should be sure that you make the plans detailed to ensure that your basement is perfectly constructed. So when it comes to basement construction, here are four important things to consider: Waterproofing: Waterproofing your basement is absolutely essential even if you don't live in a flood zone area. This is because, no matter what, the basement is an easy place for humidity to build.

9 March 2017

2 Tips To Help You Complete Your Own Tile And Grout On Your Next Tiling Project


Tiling a bathroom or kitchen surface creates an area that is beautiful and durable. With the right tips, tools, and technique, your do-it-yourself tiling job can come out looking great. Here are two tips to help you with this. Select the Right Materials When you are tiling and grouting your project, make sure you choose the right mastic, grout, and sealer to help you most successfully complete your project. It can be helpful to select a pre-mixed mastic, which will already be mixed for you at the right consistency, especially as mastic tends to dry more quickly.

9 March 2017

Three Tips To Help You Prepare A Ground Site For A New Gravel Driveway


Installing a new driveway in your yard adds convenience, adds value, and can increase the attractiveness of your home. Your driveway does not need to be paved with asphalt or cement, as it can be installed with gravel. Here are three tips to help you install a well-built gravel driveway in your yard. Tip #1: Excavate the Site Properly A well-built and long-lasting gravel driveway is constructed with the right layers of varying sizes of rock and gravel.

7 March 2017

Restructuring A Broken Cement Step In Your Staircase


If you own your own business, and you have a cement staircase leading to your establishment, there is a need to maintain it so your customers have a safe area to walk upon when visiting your property. A chipped cement step will need to be repaired promptly. Here are some tips you can use to revitalize your staircase on your own so your customers are not prone to a potential injury due to a chipped portion present within one of the steps.

2 March 2017

Repairing A Spalled Concrete Driveway With An Overlay


Concrete spalling is highly frustrating and all too common phenomenon--especially when it happens to your driveway. It involves the surface of the concrete chipping and flaking away. Not only does this result in an uneven surface, but it also leaves your driveway looking highly unattractive. If you would like to learn more about what a professional concrete contractor can do to repair this issue, read on. This article will discuss how spalling can be repaired with a concrete overlay.

1 March 2017