Steps To Take If Your Asphalt Driveway Suffers From Damage


If you have an asphalt driveway adorning your property, you likely enjoy the appearance it provides, as well as the smooth surface you have to use when driving or walking upon it. Periodically, asphalt suffers from damage in the form of cracks or crumbled portions. Here are steps to take if you notice damage within your driveway's composition. 

Mark The Areas In Need Of Tending

As soon as you notice an area of your asphalt driveway that is in need of help, be sure to mark it so you can find it easily in the future. Use cones to mark areas you prefer to stay away from so they do not become additionally damaged due to the weight of vehicles or machinery. The cones will remind you to move to another area of the driveway with heavy equipment. The cones are also necessary for finding the flawed area in the future or for showing an asphalt repair service employee where your driveway is most in need of repair work.

Attempt To Patch Flaws If You Desire

If you feel you are able to perform a repair procedure on your own, gather the necessary items beforehand. Obtain small pieces of gravel to push into cracks and crevices. Make sure they are compact and that they do not shift around if you place weight upon them. Use rubberized asphalt caulk to secure the gravel in place. This is administered using a tube. Spread the caulk with a trowel, making sure it adheres to the sides of each crack or hole. This substance will harden over the flawed area. If it does not do the trick on the first try, it can be applied again. The downside is it may cause this portion of your driveway to raise slightly. Use sandpaper to remove excess caulk.

Contact A Professional For Help

If you are unable to patch the driveway on your own or if you feel you could cause further damage to the surface due to improper actions with the patching process, call on a professional asphalt repair service for assistance. A worker will come to your home to assess the extent of the damage and will make recommendations regarding the best way to repair damaged portions. This usually involves the addition of more asphalt over the damage. The asphalt will fill in the flawed area and leave you with a smooth surface once it has cured.

Contact a local damaged asphalt paving repair company to learn more. 


3 January 2023

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