The Faux Brick And Stone Looks And How To Get Them


Brick and stone mortared in place always looks impressive. The trouble is that it can be expensive with all of the materials and the labor costs involved. However, you probably did not know that there is actually a way to get a faux brick or stone look, and you could even DIY. Here is how to get these faux brick or stone looks for less than it would cost to actually buy materials and have the job done.

26 September 2019

Concrete Cutting Only: What Is Involved In This Singular Service


When a concrete contractor advertises that the only service he/she provides is concrete cutting, you may be wondering why, when, and where this service is used. It makes sense, considering that so many other contractors provide niche services. Why not provide cutting only? To get a better understanding of this singular service overall and the reason and function behind its use, the following is provided.  Why Just Cutting and Removal

4 June 2019

3 Tips for Cutting in Drainage and Pipes for Basement Finishing Project


If you are ready to finish your basement, there is a lot of planning that goes into doing so. Some of the planning will include preparing for things like HVAC and plumbing. The problem in the basement is that concrete cutting may need to be done to install the pipes for things like drainage and plumbing pipes. Here are some tips to cutting in the drainage and plumbing for your basement finishing project:

13 February 2019