How To Create A Faux Cobblestone Path For Your Business Using Cement And Concrete Molds


A nice way to add warmth and character to your business is by constructing a faux cobblestone walking path made of concrete. Concrete is durable and inexpensive, but the use of special molds will lend an upscale look to your walkway. Instead of a ho-hum, ordinary sidewalk, you can provide customers with a beautiful entrance to your business. Below is what you need as well as a step-by-step procedure for building the walking path:

31 August 2015

How To Remove Dried Concrete From A Concrete Pump Truck Hopper


If you have decided to take on the large and expansive project of placing a foundation, concrete driveway, or walkway on your property, then you likely need a great deal of concrete. You have the option of using a small mixer, but it will take you a long time to mix and spread the material. Renting a concrete pump truck is a better option, because the truck will allow you to mix, pour, and spread the concrete in a fraction of the time.

27 May 2015