Signs You Need A Foundation Repair Services


Your home's foundation supports the entire house structure, and contractors usually ensure that it's strong and durable. However, your foundation is prone to water damage. When water seeps through the foundation, it weakens over time, risking collapse. Therefore, foundation repair may be necessary. Here are the signs you need to hire foundation repair contractors.


When parts of your home begin to sink, there's probably a foundation issue. Ideally, when you see some parts of your home sinking, this is an indicator that your foundation is weak. This usually occurs when you have poor drainage or gutter systems in your home. The rainwater settles in your foundation and gradually disintegrates it. The foundation can't support your structure's weight and begins to sink with time. Once one area of the foundation sinks, your entire home may collapse with time, resulting in losses. Hence, hire foundation repair contractors to save your home.

Foundation Upheaval

Foundation upheaval happens when the foundation moves upwards, resulting in cracks and uneven flooring. The upward movement occurs when soils soak up excess water over time and expand. Generally, heaving occurs along the foundation's perimeter but may affect the entire foundation as moisture levels on the ground increase. Foundation repair contractors can help improve the soil drainage and reinforce the foundation to prevent further damage.

Wall Bowing or Separation

When the foundation weakens, it may not support the walls, resulting in bowing. Perhaps, there may be a serious pipe leakage causing flooding that weakens the foundation. If the bowing is severe, you need to repair the foundation and install wall anchors to offer support. This way, the walls become straight, increasing your home's structural integrity.

Additionally, your walls may separate due to cracks that form from the ceiling to the floor. As the walls move further away from each other, they may cause the foundation to shift. Foundation repair contractors, in this case, may include sealing these cracks.

Pest Invasion

The presence of some insects or bugs may be a common occurrence. However, if you're dealing with a major pest infestation, there may be a major foundation problem. When the foundation forms cracks or holes, these are entry points for pests such as centipedes to enter your home. Therefore, inspect your foundation if you have a recurring pest problem to identify the pest entry points. Then, perform foundation repair to keep pests away from your home.

The common signs that you need foundation repair include pest invasion, wall bowing or separation, foundation upheaval, and sinking. Consider hiring foundation repair contractors when you see these signs. For more information, contact a company like Atlas Master Co.


6 December 2021

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