4 Causes Concrete Foundation Cracks And Repair Techniques


Cracks in concrete structures can occur due to different factors, and they may be difficult to detect and repair. Therefore, manage structural damages and prevent further deterioration of your building with the proper knowledge of the possible causes of cracks and the corresponding repair techniques. Also, ensure you collaborate with concrete restoration services.

1. Shrinkage

One of the common causes of foundation cracks is shrinkage. As water evaporates from the surface of your house, it draws moisture out of the concrete and causes it to contract. The result is small cracks at the surface or larger cracks that extend into the base material.

If you have a foundation with shrinkage cracks, you need cracked foundation repair. Your concrete restoration services contractor will inject epoxy into the cracks to prevent further damage and then fill them with grout to restore strength and stability to your foundation.

2. Vibrations

Cracks in a building's foundation can be due to vibrations from heavy equipment, such as trucks and lawnmowers. If the vibrations are severe enough, they can cause the concrete to crack or break apart. The best way to protect against this damage is to install vibration isolation systems. This device is mounted to a structure and uses special springs to absorb vibrations before reaching your home.

A vibration isolation system reduces the amount of energy transmitted into your home, which helps protect your walls, floors, and basement from damage.

3. Poor Drainage

Poor drainage can cause foundation cracks when rainwater does not drain away from your property. Moisture build-up occurs in the soil surrounding your house. The moisture evaporates on hot days, causing deterioration of your home walls leading to cracks.

To avoid this problem, ensure you have adequate drainage on your property. You can also consider basement waterproofing to prevent moisture seepage into the basement and foundation walls. Your concrete restoration services provider can sort you out with these procedures.

4. Foundation Settling or Slab Jacking

Cracks in concrete foundations often occur due to settling or slab jacking. The cracks may be vertical, horizontal, or diagonal.

If your basement wall has horizontal or diagonal cracks and no signs of settlement, then the cause is slab jacking. This occurs when a contractor attempts to lift a concrete slab using hydraulic jacks. This method can damage your foundation walls if not properly undertaken.

If your basement wall has vertical cracks, the cause could be a settlement. If you suspect that settlement may cause your cracked foundation walls, contact concrete restoration services to assess the situation. You may need to have your foundation repaired with piers or jacks.


The best concrete home maintenance practice is to have concrete restoration services professionals assess your foundation for cracks. If any, the professional will perform a cracked foundation repair preventing further damage. Contact concrete restoration services to learn more.


9 May 2022

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