Fall Asphalt Repair And Maintenance Tasks For Your Residential Driveway


Asphalt pavement is an affordable and durable long-lasting pavement that looks great on your property. However, as with any exterior material, it is at risk of damage from the elements and from vehicle traffic. Here are some tips to help you update your home's pavement and keep it protected from weather degradation.

Repair Surface Cracking 

Cracks in your pavement can begin soon after your pavement is exposed to the elements, but because asphalt is made of a flexible mixture of materials, your pavement is naturally protected from serious degradation. But take time to inspect your pavement for signs of cracking and other damage so that you can make the necessary repairs and maintenance to your pavement. 

One type of damage that can take a turn for the worse is cracking that occurs over the winter. In a northern climate, there is a great deal of freeze and thaw cycles in the winter with the combination of moisture from precipitation, snow, and ice. It is important that you take the time in the winter to fill any cracks in your pavement so that they are protected against further erosion. When you neglect these cracks, you may find that your pavement emerges in spring with more serious cracking and even some pothole damage.

You can fill your cracks with a DIY project and some tools to apply and compact the asphalt fill materials. Look for a bagged cold mix asphalt patching material, which you can fill in the large cracks with. Use a liquid asphalt emulsion crack filler for smaller cracks, which will give you winter protection against further damage. If you are not able to complete your own asphalt repairs, a professional asphalt service can complete the required projects for you to get your asphalt ready for winter. Crack filler is a maintenance product that you cannot skip out on—otherwise, you put your asphalt at risk of more serious repairs needed.

Look at Sealcoating

Another protection you can apply to your pavement is sealcoating. Sealcoating is also a project you can do on your own with an asphalt squeegee and a sealcoating product, which is usually sold by the bucket. It is important that you apply the sealcoating layer onto a cleaned and prepared asphalt surface. If you apply it onto dirt, debris, or dust, the sealcoating will not adhere and you will end up with a mess on your hands with your pavement surface. 

A professional asphalt crew will be able to clean and prepare your asphalt surface for a complete coating of sealant. New sealcoating will provide waterproof protection, seal in cracks, and restore your pavement's flexibility.

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29 September 2021

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