How To Fix Cracks In Concrete


Concrete foundations are going to crack over time. It's just inevitable. Unless you are an engineer, there is very little you can do on your own to prevent concrete cracks. However, it is quite easy to quickly patch small cracks. Even just patching cracks can help slow the growth and hide the blemish, keeping your concrete looking good. This article explains the best way to fix small cracks in your concrete slabs:

When Crack Filler Works

First of all, this technique is really only useful for small cracks that do not go all the way through the slab. That is, if the slab is actually separated because the crack goes all the way to the bottom and the soil underneath is visible, patching will not be very useful. Such severe cracking is usually caused by shifting soil or tree roots underneath the concrete. This means that any crack filler you place in between the two slabs won't be very effective. In fact, since there is no bottom to the crack, besides the soil, it will be very difficult to actually fill the crack in. If you have severe cracks with full separation, you should probably just hire a professional to make the repairs.

Using the Best Crack Filler

You can buy crack filler in a premixed formulas or mixtures. The premixed formulas are convenient because they come in squeezable bottles. They are easy to use, but not cost effective if you have a lot of cracks to fill. The mixtures come in powder form and you need to add water to create the filler. This is a more affordable way to buy filler if you have a bunch to fill.

How to Fix the Cracks

Fixing the cracks is usually easy. First, you need to clean out the crack using a broom or shop vacuum. Make sure there aren't weeds growing out of the crack. If there is a little dirt at the bottom of the crack, it probably won't make any difference. Once the crack is clean, just pour the filler directly into. Keep a putty knife nearby so you can scrape away any filler that gets onto the top of the concrete. You don't want the filler to overflow the crack and dry on the top of the concrete.

Fixing most small concrete cracks is easy DIY work if you use the right product and clean out the crack before pouring the filler. Contact a company like S&W Concrete for more information and assistance. 


27 July 2017

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