Three Tips To Help You Prepare A Ground Site For A New Gravel Driveway


Installing a new driveway in your yard adds convenience, adds value, and can increase the attractiveness of your home. Your driveway does not need to be paved with asphalt or cement, as it can be installed with gravel. Here are three tips to help you install a well-built gravel driveway in your yard.

Tip #1: Excavate the Site Properly

A well-built and long-lasting gravel driveway is constructed with the right layers of varying sizes of rock and gravel. To make room for these layers of rocks and gravel, it is recommended to excavate approximately 12 inches of topsoil from your driveway site.

Rent and use a mini excavator, such as a Bobcat or skid steer to remove the soil, which can make the job easier. Then, make sure the base of the excavated site is compacted and level to create a strong base.

Tip #2: Prevent Weed Growth

It is helpful to prevent weeds and other vegetation from growing up through the gravel from the soil beneath. There are several methods you can use to accomplish this.

First, you can choose to install a layer of landscaping fabric or weed barrier over the base soil below the gravel layers. You can also apply a layer of regular table salt or rock salt onto the soil with the help of a fertilizer spreader or sprinkle it by hand. The salt will remain in the soil and prevent the germination of plants by pulling moisture from them and killing them. Salt will continue to work at stopping weed growth in the soil for several years.

You can also use borax to stop weed growth, which you can buy at most grocery stores in the detergent aisle. Dissolve ten ounces of borax in four ounces of warm water until the borax dissolves completely. Next, stir in two and one-half gallons of warm water to the mixture. Add the mixture to a garden pump sprayer and spray it over the soil in an area of 1,000 square feet. Mix up additional batches for larger areas.

Tip #3: Install a Solid Base

The first layer of rock should consist of fist-sized rocks set in a single layer into the base soil. Then, on top of the large-sized rocks, install a four-inch layer of crushed gravel made up of rocks the size of golf balls. Using crushed rocks in this layer gives the gravel pieces rough and irregular edges which, when compacted together, will create a strong layer within your gravel driveway. Use a compactor or roller to compact this layer together, then pour a four-inch layer of smaller-sized gravel, such as pea gravel, as the top layer. 

Use these three tips to help you get started on the installation of your new gravel driveway. For more information, contact local professionals like Hanson Aggregates.


7 March 2017

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