Restructuring A Broken Cement Step In Your Staircase


If you own your own business, and you have a cement staircase leading to your establishment, there is a need to maintain it so your customers have a safe area to walk upon when visiting your property. A chipped cement step will need to be repaired promptly. Here are some tips you can use to revitalize your staircase on your own so your customers are not prone to a potential injury due to a chipped portion present within one of the steps.

Give Customers An Alternate Entrance To Use

It is important that your customers do not use the staircase until you are able to effectively make repairs to the cement. If it is not feasible to work on your staircase during hours your operation is not open, provide customers with another entrance to your building until you can make the necessary repair. Place a sign in the front of your establishment indicating where another doorway is located.

Use A Mold To Ensure A Polished Appearance

Before you place new cement on the step in need of repair, a mold should be constructed to ensure the cement is contained properly. Use pieces of wood against the front and side of the step you will be revamping. These can be kept in place with cinder blocks or bricks. You may need to place a ladder or sawhorse against the edge of the step to keep the side board in place. Before you place the wood, brush the interior sides with vegetable oil. This will aid in its removal after the cement sets.

Add The Cement To Make The Repair

After your mold is in place, you can use a bag of ready to mix cement to do the repair work. Place this powdered cement inside a large bucket and add the recommended water so it is the right consistency. Make sure to mix the cement well before applying it to the broken step. The cement can be poured into the wood mold to add stability to the broken step. It will harden rather quickly, making it necessary to apply it as soon as it is mixed. 

A trowel can be used to smooth the cement so the step will be even. Allow the cement to harden in its entirety. It may take several days to cure, making it necessary for customers to continue using your alternate entrance during this time. After the cement is dry and hard, remove the wood boards and use a sanding machine to remove any protrusions noticed in the cement.

If this isn't something you're comfortable doing yourself, reach out to a cement contractor or visit a site like


2 March 2017

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