Repairing A Spalled Concrete Driveway With An Overlay


Concrete spalling is highly frustrating and all too common phenomenon--especially when it happens to your driveway. It involves the surface of the concrete chipping and flaking away. Not only does this result in an uneven surface, but it also leaves your driveway looking highly unattractive. If you would like to learn more about what a professional concrete contractor can do to repair this issue, read on. This article will discuss how spalling can be repaired with a concrete overlay.

A Brief Word About Spalling

Before jumping into the particulars of spalling repair, it may help to know a little bit more about what causes this aggravating issue. While spalling may be unavoidable to a certain extent, more often it is the result of improper installation. This leaves the concrete excessively weakened and vulnerable to damage. Spalling frequently occurs as the result of the following:

  • overly watered concrete mixture
  • improper coverage during curing phase
  • adding water to the surface of the poured concrete to extend its finishing time

The Overlay Process

A concrete overlay essentially consists of a new layer of concrete applied over the old. While a concrete overlay may be as thin as 1/8", a thickness of at least 1/2" is preferable when applying overlay to a driveway. Anything thinner than that will be at a higher risk of cracking under the weight of your vehicles.

The first step in the overlay process is to thoroughly clean the surface of your driveway, taking care to remove as much debris as possible. A power washer is preferable for this phase, since it allows finer dust to be effectively blasted away. Once the surface has been prepared in this manner, forms are erected around the area to be overlaid. These forms consist of 1/2" plywood strips, and are often referred to as furring strips.

With the furring strips in place, Portland cement, sand, and water are mixed together to form a concrete slurry roughly the consistency of paint. The surface is then moistened, and this concrete mixture is painted on. The idea here is that it will act as a sort of bonding interface between the driveway and the thicker concrete applied next.

Meanwhile, another worker will have mixed up the concrete that will form the overlay. This is then shoveled into place and leveled with a 2x4 of the appropriate length. Finally, the surface is smoothed using a bull float, the edges are routed with an edger, and texture is imparted to the surface using a concrete finishing broom. Once cured, your driveway should be as good as new. 

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1 March 2017

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