You've Got Questions And Your Asphalt Paving Contractor Has Answers: 4 Key Factors To Explore


As a responsible homeowner, maintaining your asphalt driveway should not be overlooked or taken lightly. Whether you need to repave your driveway or have your driveway torn out and completely rebuilt, hiring a professional asphalt paving contractor is your best course of action, as these pros have the right equipment and materials to do the job right. It is in your best interest, however, to educate yourself regarding the task, so you will have the leg up when it's time to hire an experienced paving contractor form a company like Bill Mariotti Site Development Co Inc. Here are a few important questions to ask the contractor before work begins:

1. How Will You Ensure Proper Drainage When Replacing the Driveway?

Sloping is important for proper drainage. If water pools on the surface, it could lead to damage of the asphalt over time. If your driveway is level, ask the contractor about providing a slope. This is often accomplished by placing a crown in the center of the driveway, which is the high point of the gravel. This high point in the center allows water to drain properly from the lower edges or sides.

Another popular method for providing drainage is to have a French drainage system installed on the edge of the driveway. Also known as a trench drain, this refers to constructing a ditch or channel filled with gravel and a pipe that directs water away from the driveway, preventing it from entering the sub-base of the asphalt. In order to construct a French drain, a small portion of driveway along the edge will need to be removed. Ask your contractor if this is feasible for your property and how much extra this will cost you to have it done.

2. What Kind of Aggregate Mix Will Be Used?

The aggregate mixture for your home's driveway should not be the same mix that is used for highways. Most residential driveways require aggregate that is somewhat finer, which ultimately offers a smoother appearance when finished. You may feel that sand in the mixture attributes to a smooth and polished look, but it is not the most durable option for heavy traffic. Aggregate consisting of sand may not uphold well over time, leading to surface cracks due to wear and tear.

Paving contractors may substitute sand aggregate for more durable options. A strong mixture will include angular aggregate comprised of sharply crushed edges. The sharply crushed edges will provide more strength than round edges which are not as durable.

3. Is Sealcoating Important?

Your asphalt paving contractor may recommend the application of a sealant after the asphalt has cured. This may require the contractor to return in a few days to do the task. Sealcoating your paved driveway will do more than offer a glossy appearance.

By adding a sealant, your driveway may be less likely to experience damage from water penetration and better able to resist damage from gasoline or oil. It may also prevent sun damage. In short, sealcoating is intended to lengthen the longevity of your paved driveway.

Your paving contractor should clean off the surface of your driveway before applying a sealant. This is often done with the use of a blower. Since sealant drying times will vary among various conditions and pavements, ask the contractor how long you should wait before parking your vehicle on the pavement and when to schedule an appointment for your next application.

4. Does the Existing Driveway Need to Be Replaced When Showing Slight Deterioration After Several Years of Use?

You may not need to undergo the expense (and time) of replacing your driveway completely due to a degree of deterioration or cracks in the pavement. When the paving contractor comes to evaluate, ask if repairs are feasible and what that might involve. In many cases, an application of overlay may be all that is needed to restore the pavement. Through the use of aggregate and bonding agents, a barrier is formed. This barrier seals surface cracks and imperfections, eliminating the need to tear out the existing pavement and rebuild your driveway.


13 July 2016

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