Preparation Tasks To Complete Before Breaking Concrete


If you have a concrete slab that runs across the floor of your basement or outdoor patio, and you want to refinish the area, then you will need to remove the old concrete first. This means concrete breaking. You can try your hand at demolishing the concrete on your own with a heavy duty electric concrete breaker. You will need to prepare well in advance if you decide to use one of these tools. Keep reading to learn about how you can prepare to break up the concrete.

Get Your Protective Gear

You will absolutely need the right protective gear before you starting using the concrete breaker. Hearing protection is extremely important. The sound released from a concrete breaker or jackhammer has been measured at between 85 and 89 decibels. This measurement was taken about 50 feet from the device, so the sounds emitted from the machine may be close to 100 decibels if you are standing right next to it. Noises at or above 85 decibels can cause noise induced hearing loss. To prevent hearing issues, make sure to invest in some noise blocking earmuffs. Products come in over-the-head and behind-the-neck varieties, so choose the style that is most comfortable for you. 

You will also need eye protection. Concrete breaking will cause concrete dust to fly up into the air. This dust contains a great deal of silica that can cause eye irritation. A pair of construction goggles with solid sides is best for concrete breaking. You also should invest in some work gloves that help to reduce the vibrations that can reach your hands. This can cause pain, tingling, and numbness as you work. Your best option is to invest in anti-vibration gloves. These types of gloves have air, gel, or padded pockets that line the palms to absorb some of the vibrations. A hard hat should be purchased as well to protect your head from flying debris, and tight clothing should be worn to keep fabrics from becoming tangled in the machine.

Locate Obstructions

Before you start breaking up the concrete, you will want to find and identify all of the water, gas, drainage, and electrical lines that are located underneath or near the slab. These are areas you will want to avoid with the electric concrete breaker. To find electric, telephone, and other types of wiring, purchase a cable tracker tool. This type of device uses electromagnetic fields to both find and track buried electrical lines. Use the transmitter device along the entire concrete slab. If wiring is located, then use a can of spray paint to mark the line as you follow it along the floor. 

Once you have located wiring, you should rent a metal detector so you can find metal water and drainage lines. Use spray paint to mark these lines as well. As you use the concrete breaking tool, you should keep the breaker end at least a few inches away from each spray paint mark you have created. As you chip away at the concrete, the wiring and pipes will likely become visible. 

Make sure to rent a handheld tool called a chipping hammer at the same time that you rent your concrete breaker. These tools are often used to remove concrete from overhead areas. The hammers remove concrete in a controlled manner and are ideal for removing concrete attached to pipes and wires without damaging them. Rotary hammers are also good tools to rent for more controlled concrete breaking.

Large slabs of concrete can be broken with large breaker tools, and you can rent these tools if you want to break up concrete on your own. You will need to prepare for the use of the breaker, so make sure that you take the time to complete necessary tasks beforehand so you are more than ready for the job. 


11 July 2016

Finishing Our Property

When I first moved into our house, I realized that the place needed a little bit of work. In addition to missing part of the back lawn, there was also an empty RV pad and a missing patio. I thought about what to do, and I realized that the best thing might be to hire a concrete contractor to make things right. After we got settled, we started pricing services. We were able to find an incredible contractor that we knew would do a good job. After he poured the pads, it was amazing to see how much better things looked. Read my blog for ideas on how to finish your property, so that you aren't left looking at an eyesore.